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As you may be aware, MountainStar Clinical Laboratories (MSCL) is a joint venture owned by Pathology Associates Medical Laboratory (PAML) and the owners of St. Marks Hospital, Ogden Regional Medical Center, and Lakeview Hospital (the Hospitals).  Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) recently acquired PAML.  With the acquisition of PAML, LabCorp obtained the PAML interest in MSCL.

LabCorp, MSCL and the Hospitals have decided to provide laboratory services under a new structure.  Commencing on April 16, the Hospitals and LabCorp are pleased to announce they have entered into a cooperative testing arrangement which will provide enhanced laboratory services by accessing the strengths of all of these entities. This arrangement has been created to serve the laboratory testing needs of physicians in Utah, with a focus on maintaining test quality, improving turn-around-time, and enhancing patient care.  PAML and the Hospitals will then dissolve MSCL and wind up its affairs.  LabCorp will then provide all of the outpatient provider, and patient facing services, with the Hospitals performing routine and STAT testing for LabCorp locally.

The Hospitals and LabCorp look forward to continuing to serve you, your patients, and Utah community practices with comprehensive, quality laboratory services.  We are very excited about our new community-based arrangement and the benefits it will provide for healthcare providers in Utah. Please visit if you have additional questions or inquires.

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Contact Client Services: 801-295-5602 or toll free: 866-721-1833

Do you have a bill for services prior to April 16, 2018 with the MSCL or PAML logo? Contact the PAML Billing Department Toll Free: (800) 433-1583 or Click here to pay your bill online: 

Do you have a bill for services on or after April 16, 2018 with the LabCorp logo? Contact the LabCorp Patient Billing Department Toll Free: (800) 845-6167 or click here to pay your bill online:


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